“The Light Brigade Society serves only one purpose: We gather together on the anniversary of the Battle of Balaklava – 25th October 1854 – to honor the extraordinary and foolhardy “Charge of the Light Brigade.”

As immortalized in Alfred Lord Tennyson’s famous poem, into the “valley of death” rode 645 of Britain’s finest Light Calvary. With sabers, pistols and lances they challenged the Russian artillery suffering enormous losses. Filling the ranks as their comrades fell, they charged onward. Never reeling, never turning. They faced their enemy openly, boldly and courageously. From the fires of battle only 195 men returned to the British lines.

Absurd as it was magnificent, the “Charge of the Light Brigade” symbolizes for us, the signature mark of a man – the congenital and often theatrical propensity for the absurd with élan.

In small ways and large we hope that the spirit of “The Charge” is in us all. Whether climbing the windswept mountains, trekking through the frozen waste of the arctic, sailing a storm-tossed sea or merely pursuing a pretty face, male foolishness appears to be the singular condition of the creature.

It is our nemesis. It is our bond”.